Our services

Machinery maintenance and repair

Our team is specialized in rame machines. This enables us to offer a comprehensive rame machine repair and maintenance services, as well as other complementary works for textile machinery.

Reparación y mantenimiento de rames - Fernando Castro

Rame maintenance and repair

  • Periodic reviews and tuning
  • Cleaning chains and guides
  • Lubricating gearboxes and fan support

Additional work

  • Moving rames
  • Large fields rames
  • Cover fields rames
Reparación y mantenimiento de rames - Fernando Castro

Spare parts sales

  • Gripping rame chains of all kinds
  • Famatex, Artos, Bruckner, Monforts, Krantz, Icomatex and santalucia
  • Manufacture as discontinued parts


Guaranteed Spare Parts

We offer the most comprehensive repair and maintenance services for rames and textile finishing machinery.