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Parts and accessories

for textile machines

Stenter clips and transport chains
for textile machines

Maintenance and repair

of textile machinery


Import and sale of parts and accessories of machinery such as: Famatex type, Artos type, Montforts type, Brückner type and Krantz type.


Made-to-measure parts as spares for textile finishing machinery, rames, tweezers and platelets.


Repair and maintenance of rames and other machinery for the textile industry.


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“Specialists in manufacturing and marketing of tweezers, drag chains and meshes. Especially in Famatex type links and chains, Artos, Bruckner, Montforts, Krantz, and Santalucía Icomatex.”

“The highest quality and precision in the manufacture of our products guarantee excellent results to all of our customers … More than 20 years in the service of the textile industry.”

Fernando Castro